The Four Principles

by on November 11, 2012

The path to innovation is sometimes not obvious.

Does it take a high functioning team?  Vision?  The right market conditions?  Yes, yes and yes.
However if you don’t act until you create the right team, vision and market strategy, you will be too late. 

You have everything you need to get started right now
 The right team, the right knowledge, the right vision

The rest will emerge as you focus your team on getting the work done using four key principles:

Dynamic Steering:  What’s one small action you can take today to move the needle toward what you’re trying to create?  Iterate through this in small time windows so that no wrong action can take you off course and all actions help you decide if you are delivering value.

Distributed Decisions:  Push decisions as close to the work as possible.  If you encounter a “no” don’t waste your time pushing your agenda.  Where is there someone saying “yes?”

Value Driven:  Every email, every call, every action is done with the intention of delivering real value.  If it doesn’t, adjust and move on.  Define value in a way that it can be delivered in small doses over time rather than all at once when the project is done.

Big and Visible:  Every idea, every action should be articulated in a way that makes it tangible and real. I have a fighter pilot friend who when training new recruits says “Your next flight will be your solo” and then watches for their response.  It’s their response that tells him if they’re ready to fly. 


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